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Charles Maier
Charles Maier
About Charles Maier
Charles Maier was born in California into the Maier family in the 60's.
He was the first born of Bill and Shirley Maier. The Maiers started
road-racing Ford Mustangs while he was just 6 months old.
Soon his brothers Ed and Mike followed, and the family embarked on
the unique lifestyle of traveling the North American racing circuit.

As the boys grew up they were exposed to people from all walks of life -
all of whom shared one common passion: the thrill of speed.

After studying business in college, Charles’s focus shifted from racing to
studying the technical engineering behind what made one car quicker than
another, and he soon incorporated a state of the art material called carbon
fiber into the manufacturing of auto components. After accepting a European
business position with K&N Engineering, his interest in the high tech material
merged with his fascination for Italian fashion, culminating in his current line
of high-end handbags, attaché cases and shoes - all made with carbon fiber.
Carbon fiber is still one of the most cutting edge materials available, and the
applications have become integral for industries such as the medical/prosthetics,
aero-space and auto racing industries - to name only a few.
Charles studied business in school, learned the way of the family racing business
and has lived and worked in Europe for 4 years. With a strong interest in high
tech materials, the appeal of Italian fashion and his exposure to the
European culture....

We are pleased to present The Charles Maier collection!

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